Vintage 2019: a warm year that announces wines of great balance

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3 June, 2019

Vintage 2019: a warm year that announces wines of great balance

Beginning June, our cellar is already full of wines in barrels, foudres and concrete eggs. The malolactic fermentation is finished in 50% of the wines, and some samples indicate that the wines of this 2019 vintage will reflect a warm year, with outstanding results in the Cabernet Sauvignon of the F4 blocks and Carmenère from “Cuartel G2”.

The 2019 vintage at our Los Lingues vineyard, Colchagua Andes, began in February 26 with Tempranillo, and ended in April 15 with Mourvèdre.

For our viticulturist and enologist Cristóbal Undurraga, "this harvest was marked by a dry winter during 2018, followed by a short warm spring, which advanced the flowering and fruit set process, which gave way to a warm summer, without rain, which allowed a good concentration of grapes from veraison to harvest marked by its intensity of flavors and good phenolic maturity”.

Some sublime samples of wines that reflect this vintage are the Cabernet Sauvignon from the block F4 harvested on March 5th and the Carmenère from the block G2 harvested on March 11th. Both show a very special balance, with average alcohols of 13.5º and a remarkable acidity that will give them long life.