Did you know that our biodynamic vineyards are resilient to Chile’s megadrought?

Did you know that our biodynamic vineyards are resilient to Chile’s megadrought?

Biodynamic practices help the vines adapt as much as possible to their environment, improving their response to their surroundings. This translates into a clear advantage in the face of the drought our country is experiencing.

The benefits of the method of biodynamic agriculture we have employed in our vineyard since 2008 have allowed us to better understand the plant, to develop and boost the microbiology of our soil, increasing its capacity for water retention and improving the roots ability to absorb water. Thus, our vines as living organisms are more resilient and better prepared to face the challenges posed by climate change.

This resilience is owed to multiple factors, particularly the development and incorporation of preparations. Thanks to them we have verified how to strengthen photosynthesis, to increase the plant’s immunity, and to improve its ripening process. We have learned all this from our daily experience and from one of our sources of inspiration, Jean Michel Florin. In the book Viticulture Biodynamique, the world’s leading expert in biodynamic winemaking explains the qualities and advantages plants develop as a result of using biodynamic preparations.

For instance, we have noticed how the plant is more alert and it reacts to what occurs around it, thanks to biodynamics. During the 2016 harvest, unexpected rain caused damage and rot around Colchagua. Yet, thanks to the connection our vines have with their environment they were able to ripen early, leading to an early harvest and sparing us the losses caused by unfavorable weather conditions.

Moreover, the 2017 harvest brought with it a very hot summer with low yields across the country, followed by a rainy winter that helped the production of good quantities of high-quality fruit. In these conditions, our grapes ripened quickly enough for an early harvest, thus preserving the acidity which can be lost to high temperatures.

Concerning our projections for the 2020 harvest, we’re convinced that we’ll be able to pull through despite the drought and a very hot spring season. We believe that a good and early harvest will help us attain the high levels of ripeness, balance and grape quality we seek.