Great news! We entered the selected group of Bordeaux Wine Merchants

Great news! We entered the selected group of Bordeaux Wine Merchants

We are happy to share this excellent news with you. We have already materialized our first export to the Bordeaux Merchants, which will allow us to sell in Europe, Asia and Africa through the most expert group in the commercialization of wines of origin, tradition, innovation and distinction.

“Selling through Merchants is the result of a search to achieve a high quality distribution channel. It has been a great happiness, but also a tremendous challenge that we must continue to develop ”, says proudly our Technical Director Toti Undurraga.

He says that it was also fortunate, because one of their representative visited Koyle's stand at the Vinexpo Hong Kong a couple of years ago, tasted the wines, was delighted and from that moment on a relationship was born that took more than a year and half to consolidate until signing a representation contract with them.

This agreement implies the exclusive representation of Auma wines in Europe, Asia and Africa, and of Cerro Basalto in the markets they develop, in addition to the commercialization of the Royale line in some European markets. The average price in this first export was just over USD 200 per box of 12 bottles, which corresponds to the same price level currently in the market.

“These are very long-term businesses, with a very high investment both from them and from us, to support top-quality products. Consolidating this and making it grow is the great challenge we have ”, Toti concludes.