Koyle joins Biodynamic Wineries Group

We continuously search for the authentic expression of a terroir through biodynamic practices. Hence our decision to join this important group. Our goal is to communicate and educate people about the advantages of this method.

The Agrupación de Viñas Biodinámicas de Chile has been created under the wing of Asociación de Agricultura Biodinámica de Chile (ABD) in conjunction with Demeter International. Some of its main objectives are to promote the culture of biodynamics, the sustainable production of wine, to provide international consultancy, to organize tastings and to promote educational opportunities.

Our Group’s core principles are to share, discuss, and analyze common problems, and to provide professional support where it’s needed. Moreover, the group aims to contribute to education in the agricultural, oenological and winegrowing sectors, as well as to the end consumer.

Koyle, a biodynamic winery since its early days

In 2006, we began our search for a terroir to develop a project of high-quality red wines. The location needed to meet two main criteria: rocks to provide the grapes with salts and specific minerals, and slopes to provide the perfect drainage needed for deep root growth.

With this in mind, we found the property of Los Lingues in Alto Colchagua on the Andean foothills. Then and there, our research into biodynamic agriculture and all of its benefits began.

Later, in 2008, we undertook this challenge —to transform Los Lingues vineyard into a Demeter certified biodynamic vineyard. With the help of our consultants René Piamonte, Roberto Pizarro and the entire Koyle team, we obtained that certification in 2012.

We are truly proud that every element used in the production of our wines comes from our vineyard, as a living organism free of chemicals. “We use compost from our animal's manure to fertilize the vineyard, and our homeopathic preparations are made with flowers that grow in our fields, thus promoting the health of our soil”, added Cristóbal.

Implementing this philosophy, in addition to all of our hard work, have led to the production of wines that score very high in national and international competitions, which proves us that we are on the right path.