Who are the faces of wine for the future?

In La Cav magazine they asked themselves who should be the winemakers, producers or owners of vineyards that will lead the change in Chilean wine industry in the decade of 2020. And to have a look as broad and objective as possible, they consulted about 70 winemakers, wine entrepreneurs, journalists and sommeliers. Each one had to choose three people and from there a select group of wine people emerged; Toti Undurraga (Koyle), Francisco Baettig (Errázuriz), Marcelo Retamal (De Martino), Rodrigo Soto (former Veramonte), Roberto Henríquez (vineyard of the same name), Juan Alejandro Jofré (JA Jofré), Rafael Urrejola (Undurraga), Garage Wines partner Derek Mossman, and terroir specialist Pedro Parra.

This was what they said about our winemaker Toti Undurraga:

Sebastián Labbé from Viña Santa Rita: "I see him as a great ambassador for Chilean wine. A great winemaker with good experience in the vineyards, a sustainable vision of care for the land and a commercial vision that is bearing good fruits ".

Aurelio Montes del Campo de Viña Montes: "People like Toti will continue to push the quality and image of the country for many years."

Rodrigo Soto, former general manager and winemaker of Veramonte: "I think that Cristóbal will help to show an attractive Chile through his beautiful project, for its commitment to quality and its vision of consistency."