Koyle Costa
Sauvignon Blanc


Technical Data Sheet

Grape Variety Sauvignon Blanc
Appellation Paredones, Colchagua Costa
Soil This vineyard terroir is made of clay and quartz stones in its surface, mounted on a matrix of old yellow granite, which gives these wines their mineral stamp.
Vinification and fermentation 3 sectors of the vineyard are identified in which each of them is worked in a different way. First, the grapes from the north slope of the hills ferment in 228 L French oak barrels. At the same time, the upper sector of the hills will ferment in stainless steel tanks, and finally, the south slope will ferment in concrete eggs.
Aging The north and south slopes will keep their fermentation lees in their barrels and concrete eggs respectively, for their entire 12-month aging period. The fraction fermented in stainless steel will have a storage without the fermentation lees.
Certifications Vegan